LDAO Membership - Professional


Become a member of LDAO and share in the rewards of supporting individuals and families with learning disabilities. At the provincial level, your support enables LDAO to produce new resources for parents and professionals on a variety of pertinent and timely topics; to dialogue with relevant Ontario Ministries that deal with our exceptional population; and to make the public more aware of and empathetic to those affected by learning disabilities.

Your membership to LDAO automatically affiliates you with a local chapter. Our 16 chapters are run by dedicated staff and a volunteer Board of Directors. They are people like yourself, who dedicate their time and efforts to ensure that people with learning disabilities are enabled to reach their full potential. There is a wealth of information available to you through your chapter. Various types of services may be available in your community. More specific information on local programmes can be obtained from your chapter.

As a member, you will also receive our newsletter Communiquè (published 2 times a year). LDAO is committed to publishing a quality newsletter that speaks with authority to LD related issues, and is accessible in both print and electronic formats.

Benefits of Professional Membership:

  • Member fee rates for 3 designated people to all LDAO programs and services, including online workshops, courses, etc.
  • Member fee rates to all Chapter programs and services, where available (including programs in another chapter)
  • Bi-annual issues of the LDAO Newsletter Communiquè - 5 copies per issue (hard copy or electronic options available)
  • Copy of your Chapter's newsletters (frequency may vary from chapter to chapter)

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